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Zulutrade Zulutrade may be one of the names you don't hear much in the Forex world; it's got a odd name too, but there's nothing odd about why people love this website.

Why Zulutrade?

Zulutrade offers lots of materials like most sites do, but they also have an app and automatic trading, as well as one of the largest social trading communities in the industry. Most of their information is on the very front page, but if you read closely enough, it's all based off of hypothetical results. you may want to take all of this with a grain of salt, but they do show relatively good performance.

Why choose ZuluTrade?

Demo mode for beginners
Excellent helpdesk
Competitive fees
Advanced trading tools available

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Zulutrade offers apps that are tailored for exclusively Android and Apple devices, and they're not just copies of a website- they feature their own UI and it's informational and convenient at the same time. Zulutrade has lots of time in these apps, and they work very well; you can trade from your house to the beach or even on the moon- as long as you've got an internet connection and a compatible device, you're good to go! Zulutrade also offers conveniently placed support on each page- if you have any questions or doubts, simply click on the orange bubble in the bottom right, and you will be able to chat with the Zulutrade team.

They answer quickly and with quality; you can be assured you're not talking to a bunch of robots. Zulutrade, like most Forex websites these days, offers lots of information and charts to aid you in your trading, but not as much beginner information as some other sites offer. For this reason, we don't particularly recommend this site to the just-initiated, although they do have a great support, and they will be able to solve most all questions you have. It's very convenient as well with deposits; you can usually start with around 300$ or less, and it usually takes less than a day to open the account with your broker. Note that the signal providers that Zulutrade uses are volunteers, and anybody can become one. This may mean that the signals provided may occasionally be invalid, so keep that in mind as you use the site- as follows, this is how it all works for a signal provider-

A signal provider places trades on his or her account, and all clients that have selected this provider in their account settings page receive these trades on their accounts, unless they do not have enough usable margin, or have their max open lots set to low. Signal providers provide signals for all clients who select them in their accounts settings page.

Affiliates choose a designated URL (web page) to advertise ZuluTrade and draw clients to use our revolutionary service.

Signal providers get 0.5 pips for each traded lot of his or her own signals ONLY. So provider signs up, sends signals, and passively waits for clients to use their signals, trying to have good performance to attract them.> An affiliate gets 0.4 pips for each traded lot of the clients that signed up through his website, for ANY signal. So affiliate signs up, and starts advertising their website to attract clients to ZuluTrade.

Again, not the best system, but they've got an incentive to make good signals; everybody gains.


Zulutrade is one of the best sites we've seen in a while for trading; it's definitely in the top 10, but it doesn't penetrate the top 5 due to less materials than some other websites. Besides all of this, Zulutrade is more than a basic site, and we'd recommend this site to most people that are looking for a site to help them trade.


  • Well regulated as an NFA and CFTC member
  • Ample number of traders are available to suit different type of investors
  • ZuluRank ranks traders analyzing different factors, such as the amount of trading activity, the drawdown of each trade and the entire profit and loss (PnL)
  • No payout to traders if they end the month with a loss


  • The vast amount of traders makes it difficult to pick the right trader
  • Slippage can be a problem at times due to lag between ZuluTrade.com and Broker

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