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plus500 Plus500 was recently mentioned in our last article, and it was seen as a great website. We're going back to that, and reviewing the whole website instead of skimming the surface.

If you have forgotten, this site is not available in the United States, so if you are from there, this information won't apply as you won't even be able to register.

Why use it?

Plus500 offers lots of helpful features like a demo account, fast deposits and free software, and it has plenty of charts; it's even listed on the London Stock Exchange! All of these reasons are great examples of why this website is so reputable.

Why choose Plus500?

Trade CFD's, Stocks, Currency's & more
Language support for many countries
Free demo account available
Welcomebonus available

25,00 welcome bonus >>
(the T&C apply)
Try it for free

After registration you immediately receive 25,00 bonus to try the service (the T&C apply).
There is no need to deposit money.

We'll look at Forex next. Their demo account has plenty of features, and is especially convenient for testing out new methods of trading you've devised. All of the information on their charts is up to date, and their software is great! The demo account sets itself up very quickly, and the download is compressed very small so that it takes less time to download. The software lets you use both demo and full accounts, so you don't need to download anything new after you decide to use it. They offer immense leverage and no commissions(If you read our last article, this is placed elsewhere, but with less fees), as well as lots of information! They offer all their CFDs at http://www.plus500.com/AllInstruments/AllInstruments.aspx#Forex, and have much more than just Forex- they have ETFs, Commodoties, Indices and more in case you want more than just Forex.

While they only list their windows app on the front page, they also have an Android app, Windows Phone app, and even an Apple Watch app as well as a full Apple app. With all of these apps available, you have all the mobility you need; there's even a web trader so you don't have to download much. You can also use their affiliate system for more profit here: http://www.500affiliates.com/ We assume you're reading this for the Forex part of things, but they have plenty of modes of advertising so you can get the maximum amount of profit from not just your trading, but affiliates! Plus500 truly offers lots of ways to trade and earn on their website, and they're convenient. We couldn't have asked for more!


Plus500 offers lots of advanced information that can be accessed from anywhere, even on a phone! Their apps are nearly identical to their Windows variants, and so they provide excellent portability at no cost! Their charts are completely free, their software is free, and they offer a demo account if you'd like to test their system! The website is nearly a perfect 10/10, and we'd definitely recommend the website to anybody- beginners, pros, anybody can use this site, and so can you!


  • Welcome bonus
  • No commission fees on CFDs
  • Guaranteed stop loss available
  • Negative balance protection


  • No automated trading platform available
  • Only one trading platform available, no MT4
  • Relatively high spreads

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