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iForex iForex is lesser known than some, but it is still very popular in the Forex community- you'll learn soon after reading our review!

Why iForex?

iForex offers lots of options and many materials to help your trading. They offer enormous leverage compared to most other brokers(400:1!), and they offer lots of learning materials and a very reliable helpdesk. iForex also charges no commission on all trades, which is a big plus- commission isn't very big most times, but with no commission you can breathe just a little bit easier.

Why choose iForex?

Advanced analytic tools
Fast support (both by mail and phone)
Competitive fees
User friendly trade system

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After registration you immediately receive 25,00 bonus to try the service (the T&C apply).
There is no need to deposit money.

iForex offers a very helpful UI that's easy to use and has no complication. Simply choose the instrument, deal size, and whether you wish to buy or sell, and click deal! A demo can be found at http://www.iforex.com/getting-started. iForex also offers a welcome bonus to anybody who signs up, so you can try them at no risk.

They offer a unique training program with both written materials, videos, and 1-on-1 training, which is unusual for a Forex website. Should you try this website, these are usually very good materials to use; everybody can learn a bit. We learn every day, so why not now? iForex offers lots of support, 24/5. They also offer a troubleshooting section as well to diagnose your issues, and if those don't work,

You can always call or use the support. With this much support available, it's unlikely your issue will ever be ignored. they also answer very quickly, whether it's email or phone call, so you can always be sure you won't be put on hold. The website itself is also secure with SSL encryption to make sure what you see and trade is yours, and a guaranteed stop-loss and negative balance protection program. While they say the stop-loss will not always work like you want it to, it will at the least ensure you don't lose too much, so you can get back on your feet. iForex offers plenty of software for trading, with apps for both phones and tablets as well as the laptop and desktop computer! You won't ever be in a place where you can't trade ever again- as long as you have an internet connection, in most places, it will be possible to trade. iForex also features over 90 pairs, which is more than the normal 50 you find at most exchanges. With so many to pick from, you'll probably be able to find every pair from the most common to the most exotic and rare pairs.


iForex is a great site with lots of materials and lots of things to ensure you won't be hacked or lose all your money, and with plenty of support, you will never be left in the dark. They offer everything from apps to education, and they certainly guarantee a positive experience if you choose to go there. We highly recommend iForex for all of these reasons.


  • iForex is a part of “iFOREX group” which consists of several financial companies, which have been operating for over 20 years.
  • iForex is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus, the financial authority with the largest number of registration of Forex broekrs.
  • iForex offers another advanced trading platform, FXNetTrader is even easier to use than MetaTrader4.
  • Margin Call/Stop Out % is 0% as you can use the full margin for trading Forex & CFDs.
  • A number of exciting Bonus Promotions are run by iForex at all time.


  • MetaTrader4 or other common trading platforms are not offered, but only FXNetTrader.
  • The spread is fixed, and the minimum spread is 2 pips.
  • Use of EAs or Scalping are prohibited on the FXNet Trader.

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