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You've now learned almost all there is to learn about Forex for now, but what about finding a good broker? There are many out there, but without proper knowledge, it can become difficult to find one that suits you. We'll compare brokers here for you, so we can help you decide what brokers to use! Please note most of these brokers do not offer their services to Canada, the United States and Japan.


Plus500 Plus500 sets itself apart from most all of the brokers we'll review today, as it offers no commissions per trade! The fees are in other areas, however, but it's definitely a step-up from Brokers like Trade.com or Zulutrade, as they do offer all the regular commissions that you see everywhere you go. Plus500 also offers enormous leverage compared to most of the other brokers, with up to 1:200; we don't recommend using this much leverage as it can be risky, but it's all up to you. Plus500 also offers many ways to deposit, and they all confirm very quickly, so your funds are in your account almost instantly. Unlike most of the other brokers, Plus500 is NOT available in the United States, so this is one of the reasons why it's not such a good broker. We definitely recommend this if it were available in the United States, which it is not, but it is still a great broker to use if you don't live in the United States. Visit Plus500 website


markets.com Markets is somewhat similar to Trade.com, where it offers demo accounts and 200:1 like Plus500, but it is a little bit of everything as it offers mobile apps like Zulutrade. Markets has almost everything we'd look for in a broker, with live support and software, but its weak section is definitely information and charts. Markets offers less charts than most of the brokers we've reviewed so far, so you may have to go out of your way to get information about trading, but they also include many bonuses and no commission below 1.7 pips, and more than 50 pairs, so we can't really complain. Markets also offers a guide to CFDs if you ever get confused or need some help trading, so it is definitely very helpful. Markets is a great site that has a bit of everything, and it's definitely one of the top two brokers we'd recommend. Visit Markets website


iforex Iforex is the last broker we're reviewing today, and it offers lots of support and lots of materials to aid you in your Forex trading. iForex offers the largest leverage we've seen of all the reviewed brokers we've seen with 400:1 leverage, and also offers training custom-tailored for you, as well as mobile apps for phones and tablets. If you get deposit issues or just general issues, you can contact them at their live support via phone, email or live chat, AND iForex also offers free daily analysis, unlike most of the brokers we've reviewed today, AND accepts lots of payment methods including wire, Western Union and Skrill! The last thing that makes iForex great is the fact that it is available in the United States! This makes iForex especially convenient wherever you travel, and makes this the top broker we'd recommend to you.

Forex is a very difficult trail to navigate with lots of things pulling you off the main road, but with our materials and tips, you can make it out alive. We hope this guide has helped you pick the right broker, and we wish you profit! Visit iForex website


Zulutrade Zulutrade is very different from the other brokers we'll be reviewing, as they offer a mobile app and live support! Although not as great as Plus500 where they offer most of all the normal fees a Forex Trader will incur, they have great features like encryption and auto-rotation to make up for it. ZuluTrade offers lots of mobility and many things that make it very useful. Note that the website uses hypothetical results and that the results posted on the main page are by no means the actual gains and losses, so it's not a good
way to judge the reliabilty of the website. We still do recommend them with all the features they offer, but their front page is definitely a bit misleading. Visit Zulutrade website


Trade.com Trade.com is different from most of the other brokers we've reviewed so far, because they offer a demo account as well as a live one! Most of the Forex websites we've reviewed only offer demo accounts or live accounts exclusively, but Trade.com offers both for convenience. Unlike ZuluTrade and Plus500, Trade.com is regulated by CYSEC, so you can be sure that they are legitimate. Also like Plus500, it doesn't offer its services to the United States, but also doesn't offer them to Japan and Canada. This is mainly a minor issue, but it'll be an issue for North Americans to use this service. Trade.com also offers a lot of software, but not nearly as much as Zulutrade; It mainly offers the basic materials most brokers offer. Trade.com isn't too good of a broker compared to all of the feature-rich brokers we've reviewed today, but if you like bread-and-butter brokers, this is for you. Visit Trade website